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Specializing in Mine Contracting, Diamond Drilling, Mine Planning, MSHA Compliance,
Surveying, Excavating, Reclamation & Support Management since  2004.

Groundhog Mining & Milling Company

PO Box 1467

Dillon, MT  59725

Nathan Hunt

Projects Engineer/Owner/Manager

(406) 439-5362

Groundhog Excavation

CUSTOM LANDSCAPING - PONDS - AQUATICS - CULVERTS - As an Engineer, Nathan can work with you to design/build your next riparian habitat, aquatic pond feature, or develop/repair a spring.  Whatever it is, we will get it flowing.  We get factory direct pricing on culverts.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS - As a licensed and insured septic installer, we can help you plan, permit, and design a system that works for your needs.  Additional capabilities include repairing and upgrading most systems.

DEMOLITION - Demolishing an old building can be tedious and backbreaking.  Our equipment makes short work of your demolition needs.

CUSTOM HAULING - Got a heavy load?  Groundhog has you covered!  Our truck is winched equipped and available to get your loads moving!

Groundhog offers a wide variety of labor, experience and equipment to cover your excavating needs.

DISASTER RELIEF - WILDLAND FIRES - Groundhog is experiences in Disaster Relief and Wildland Fires.  We are ready to mob with our equipment:  Dozer (w/forestry package), Excavator (w/thumb), Skidsteer, Dump Trucks & Pups, Heavy Haulers and Chippers.

DRILLING - BLASTING - ROCK FALL MITIGATION - Groundhog's background is very technical.  Rock bolting, soil nail walls, micro files, and pressure grouting are among the many technical capabilities Groundhog gas up its sleeve.