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Building a profitable venture requires experience

that can go beyond one's own portfolio or background.  We are here to assist you in any

way possible.  Whether you need a basic pre-

feasibility study or require a more in-depth

evaluation detailing effective mining methods,

pumping requirements, ground support, materials handling, etc, we can help.  Our services are

available day and night to make sure your job is

done on time, the first time, every time!

Sometimes the most stressful aspect of an

operation is the pre-qualifying paperwork and permitting.  Groundhog has worked with every

state and federal entity that has its fingers in the mining industry.  We are able to work with them to prepare your permits and ensure your good

standing reputation with all governing authorities.

Groundhog Mining & Milling Co. is dedicated to fast reliable services to build or support you and your projects.  We have a full staff of professionals trained to tackle any task at hand.  If you are looking at expanding your mineral interest or are locating new deposits, we are able to research, evaluate, locate and stake out your interests securely and discreetly. 

Groundhog Consulting & Engineering

Specializing in Mine Contracting, Diamond Drilling, Mine Planning, MSHA Compliance,
Surveying, Excavating, Reclamation & Support Management since  2004.

Groundhog Mining & Milling Company

PO Box 1467

Dillon, MT  59725

Nathan Hunt

Projects Engineer/Owner/Manager

(406) 439-5362