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Groundhog is a unique company in the sense that we are capable and available to support all the other big and little operating essentials inclusive to one package which will alone save time and funding because you don’t have to deal with a bunch of unknowns, frustrating contracts, and multiple contractors; permitting, diamond drilling, core logging, sampling and assaying, water sampling, mine planning, MSHA, safety planning, mapping, maintenance, operations management, support management, surveying, scheduling, facilities construction, milling, equipment brokerage, and reclamation are

Groundhog Services

Groundhog Mining and Milling Co’s goal is to provide a full-scale mining and exploration service which will support all temporary and long-term operations held at your project sites. We are capable of providing all the necessary equipment, man power and knowledge required while

just a few of the services we offer. Groundhog is everything a mining company needs from an outside contractor without a bunch of hassle and wasted time. Most importantly, Groundhog is dedicated to you and your project goals and objectives.

assisting you in achieving your goals in exploration, rehabilitation, and development without requiring you to put down a large upfront sum of capital for logistics, equipment purchases, facilities, and man power. Groundhog is set up to begin and/or assist your operations in the most effective, efficient manner to have your operations off the ground and producing safe and accurate results within the shortest reasonable time frame.

Specializing in Mine Contracting, Diamond Drilling, Mine Planning, MSHA Compliance,
Surveying, Excavating, Reclamation & Support Management since  2004.

Groundhog Mining & Milling Company

PO Box 1467

Dillon, MT  59725

Nathan Hunt

Projects Engineer/Owner/Manager

(406) 439-5362